Tuesday, February 07, 2006

first post!

Here's my version of the ubiquitous cabled bag
This was a birthday gift for a good friend. It was also an experiment in thrifting the supplies for a project. A trip to Value Village scored the yarn (mostly acrylic, with enough wool to make it fuzzy and a slubby white thread of something firmer running through it) and the damask napkins that became the lining, for less than $4! Unfortunately, there were no handles to be found so I had to pay retail for those.
Here it is before assembly:
And finally, basking in the sun:
The details:
thrift store acrylic blend worsted on 4mm 16" Aero circs
Lessons learned:
1) acrylic hurts my hands
2) this should have had side seams. I did it in the round to avoid that, and used a 3-needle bindoff for the bottom, but in future I would just knit a rectangle and seam the sides
3) I hate sewing linings!


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